10 Benefits of Green Tea, Why You Should Drink it Every Day!

did you know that green tea is considered a superfood a lot of hype surrounds this antioxidant rich ingredient and rightly so this post will examine the benefits of green tea and why you should drink it every day many people start their day with a steaming cup of coffee but did you know that a cup of green tea comes with a ton of benefits making the switch to green tea or at least changing up the routine to include green tea in your daily regimen of liquids is a smart idea there’s a whole lot of good in that cup of tea including its fat burning properties and ability to improve brain function we’ll talk more about that in just a bit first i’m going to answer a few questions about this superfood then we’ll look at the super amazing benefits of green tea subscribe like share comment turn on the notification bell to never miss out we are healthy life daily discover the life you want one green tea has fat burning properties speeding up your metabolism is a surefire way to feel better in general when your bodily systems are working at top notch capacity it’s a bonus to overall health and the fact that green tea increases fat burning means that your blood is flowing better your heart is pumping at a rate it should and your digestive system is humming right along two green tea may fight certain cancers this is big after all we all know someone who has been affected by cancer and may have even faced it ourselves so to know that green tea may fight cancer is a pretty big incentive to add it to your day the types of cancer that may be prevented are pretty numerous to including mouth kidney pancreas stomach and mammary glands among others three green tea may help with weight loss a lot of people who have issues with their weight find that it is often an accumulation of pounds around the middle green tea may help you lose weight and in turn get rid of fat in a study of overweight subjects the findings were that weight and waste circumference decreased in those who drank green tea four green tea can fight cardiovascular disease cardiovascular diseases are high up there when it comes to the cause of death green tea can affect cholesterol levels that play a factor in conditions like stroke and heart attack drink green tea to lower the ldl bad cholesterol in the blood five green tea may prevent type 2 diabetes type 2 diabetes is on the increase it could be due to today’s diets and the fact that we often exercise less than we should insulin sensitivity is reduced thanks to green tea consumption and blood sugar levels a culprit of diabetes are lowered to six green tea benefits oral health your oral health is important too in fact some illnesses and diseases can result from a less than taken care of set of teeth and gums the catechins in green tea fight against oral bacteria seven green tea protects the brain the catechins in green tea really are the star of the show they provide many benefits and have also been proven to protect the neurons of the brain cognitive impairment is reduced and the risk of neurodegenerative diseases is lowered eight green tea helps brain function the caffeine in green tea acts as a stimulant not only do we feel more energetic after drinking coffee or tea but green tea is known to improve the function of the brain including reaction time mood and productivity nine green tea fights inflammation the flavonoids in green tea have been proven to fight inflammation in the body the component epigallic at a kinda late in green tea has anti-inflammatory effects and protects cell dna there are also antiviral antibacterial and antifungal properties in green tea which also work against inflammation 10 green tea protects against bone loss studies show that drinking green tea may stimulate mineralization which generates bone formation bone loss may be improved and there may be added protection against osteoporosis because of the strengthening of the bones you

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