How To Start a Blog

Do you want to start a blog? Here’s the ultimate guide that will help you to create a WordPress blog easily in a few steps.

Let’s get started.

Choose a Niche

It is the first step before creating a blog because without selecting a niche, you won’t be able to choose a name and plan content strategy for your blog website. So you must be sure that you are choosing the right blog niche, else the chances of getting failed in blogging increases. So the question is how can you select the best niche for your blog. There’s no hard and fast rule. But you can consider some of the factors to select the right one.

Here are the things that you must consider before selecting a blog niche

  • You must have an in-depth knowledge of the niche, if you don’t have in-depth knowledge then you must have at least basic knowledge with the desire to learn more about that topic.
  • You must know the earning potential of that niche. If you are planning to earn from AdSense then make sure that the niche has high traffic keywords with high CPC so that you can earn by monetizing your traffic.
  • If you are planning to earn from affiliate then make sure that there are products available on the internet to promote it through your blog so that you can generate revenue from it.
  • Plan content ideas before creating your blog so that you can feel confident while building the blog.

Select a Blog Name

It is the second most important step because without name people can’t identify your blog and it will help your to build it a brand. so make sure that you select a blog name carefully and consider the following things while choosing a name.

  • Don’t include numbers or symbols in your blog domain name
  • Try to keep the name relevant to your blog niche.
  • Make sure that you can make it a brand.
  • Check the name on the internet so that there won’t be any copyright issues in future.
  • Try to get a domain name with TLD domain extension (.com)
  • Make sure the domain name is available.

Get a Web Hosting and Domain Name

Without web hosting and domain name, there’s no blog. so you must get a domain name and web hosting to host your blog site on the internet. There are many web hosting providers available on the internet. So you can get a web hosting by comparing them and according to your needs and requirements.

Now, you can easily build a blog on WordPress

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